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Jack arnold acts chapter 26 is one of the most dynamic scenes in the whole bible. Seventhday adventist bible commentary 1978 revised vols. May 20, 2012 rolf jacobson, karoline lewis, and matt skinner for a conversation around preaching the lectionary texts for easter 7. King arad the canaaniterather, the canaanite king of aradan ancient town on the southernmost borders of palestine, not far from kadesh. Verse by verse commentaries by book precept austin. It might, too, be called the book of murmurings because from beginning to end it is filled with the spirit of rebellion against god. Andrews free online bible commentary contains notes from the life for today commentaries which provides notes for about half of the verses.

The book of leviticus as well as the book of numbers follow immediately after the book of exodus. This being in answer to their prayers, they concluded that. In an additional sense, this is also fulfilled by the new testament office of pastorteacher because the greek word for pastor is the word for shepherd acts 20. Additional notes are available in the expanded living commentary, containing footnotes on over 23,000 of the 31,000 bible verses. Rolf jacobson, karoline lewis, and matt skinner for a conversation around preaching the lectionary texts for easter 7. Acts 26 commentary james burton coffman commentaries on.

This is the word assigned by the lxx the septuagint a greek translation of the ot, due to the two numberings of the people in chapter 1 and 26. This was to lead the israelites to look more thoroughly to the lord. Third missionary journey part 2 strengthening the pastors chapter 20 68 22. Study guide for acts 21 by david guzik blue letter bible. Third missionary journey first, back to ephesus chapter 18.

Commentary on the book of acts bible study lessons. Conquering edom and moab numbers 2125 death of aaron. Acts 21 commentary william barclays daily study bible. Acts 26 then agrippa said to paul, you have bible gateway. On the next day paul along with us went to visit james. Study guide for acts 26 by david guzik blue letter bible. Matthew 12 12 the kings birth matthew 34 15 the kings credentials matthew 5 18 the kings principles. Since through you we enjoy much peace, and since by your foresight, v most excellent felix, reforms are being made for this. The book of numbers takes them right to the jordan jericho, just due east of their. Acts 26 commentary acts 27 commentary acts 28 commentary. Jesus has been crucified by the romans at the instigation of the chief priests and scribes and. Between the two censuses, among stories of battle and ritual regulations, the people repeatedly complain and rebel against. The context judas has plotted against jesus with the chief priests and the scribes luke 22. Apospao is used literally to draw out a sword in mt 26.

We have, with a great deal of pleasure, attended the apostle in his travels throughout the gentile nations to preach the gospel, and have seen a. Acts 21 and it came to pass, that after we were gotten from them, and had launched, we came with a straight course unto coos, and the day following unto rhodes, and from thence unto patara. Acts 21 is the twentyfirst chapter of the acts of the apostles in the new testament of the christian bible. But the mere mention of a book by the bible doesnt mean that the book belongs in our bibles. A glorious campaign this chapter gives us the history of, especially in the latter part of it. Numbers 21 to 36 free bible commentary in easy english.

In full spiritual unity, the elders point out to paul that massive numbers of jews. After 40years of wandering in the wilderness, the people of israel were beginning to make contact with tribes south and east of the jordan river, starting with the edomites in chapter 20. Thus the true convert can give a reason of his hope, and a good account of the change manifest in him. Verses the country called canaan had several kings. A free bible version and commentary on the book of acts in easyenglish.

Acts is a fastmoving historical account of the first three decades of the church. This generation was numbered for the war of conquest in canaan 1. Melvin grove kyle gave to his students this approximation, which he considered a conservative figure. This incident takes place near the end of moses life and the conclusion of israels wandering in the wilderness. And they gave forth their lots that is, saith grotius, they put two lots into two urns, the one containing the two names of joseph and matthias, the other a blank and the word apostle. So paul motioned with his hand and began his defense. Commentary on the book of numbers by matthew henry old. The book containing this chapter is anonymous, but early christian tradition.

Also, there is a list of men and boys over one month old from levis. Acts 21 commentary matthew henry commentary on the whole. Numbers chronicles the experiences of two generations of the nation of israel. Considering the fact that acts is such a strategic chapter in regard to world. This passage from numbers 6 that were going to study tonightand were not going to go through the whole chapter, because as some of you may know, maybe because youve read ahead, maybe because you remember the different contents of the books of the bible and you know that numbers 6 has a very. The rest of the chapter gives festus interruption and the exchange between paul and king agrippa acts 26. We do not recommend loose translations or oneman translations. The acts of the apostles is the only narrative found in the new testament apart from the gospels, and it tells the compelling story of how the lord grew and guided the early church. We would love to see and read such ancient literature lost to history. Acts 1 niv jesus taken up into heaven in my bible gateway. Sermons on numbers first presbyterian church, jackson. A good study bible we recommend the following features.

Our story starts off where the gospel of luke left offjesus is back now that hes resurrected, jesus decides to hang out and chat with his disciples whom luke calls apostles for forty days. God responds with shortterm severity and longterm generosity as he leads them into the promised land. This versebyverse bible study and commentary of the acts of the apostles the book of acts or simply acts is indepth but uses plain language that everyone can understand, as well as a format that will engage you. David guzik commentary on numbers 21, where god sends fiery serpents. This is the exact same place where the israelites have been hanging out since god freed them from slavery back in exodus. The book of numbers is the fourth book of the christian old testament.

If you will deliver these people into our hands, we will totally destroy their cities. Sunday school lesson plans sunday school powerpoint. These record the numbers of male israelites who were over 20 years old. This reminds us that the book of acts gives only a partial picture of the early churchs. Acts chapter 26 coffmans commentary of the new testament. Some place the conclusion of pauls third journey at acts 21. Numbers is the fourth of five books commonly called the pentateuch genesis through.

The book of numbers the book of numbers gets its title from the greek word arithmoi. Paul takes the nazarites vowthe uproar in the templehe is arrested by the roman soldiery and interrogated by the officer in command, who allows him to address the crowd, 2640. Genesis 3 commentary genesis 12 commentary genesis 15 commentary genesis 49 commentary. Each king ruled his own nation in the country called canaan. Acts 26 so agrippa said to paul, you have permission to. These were all the men who could fight in a battle. Numbers is also called the book of the march and the roll call numbers 33. A chapterbychapter bible study of the book of acts 3 scripture passage page 20. They laid before u the governor their case against paul. The first nine chapters of the book include the first census of the people and their preparations to go into the promised land, or canaan.

It records the end of pauls third missionary journey and his arrival and reception in jerusalem. Yet for going about and calling on men thus to repent and to be converted, vast numbers have been blamed and persecuted. Study the bible online using commentary on acts 26 and more. Based on the census figures in chapters 1 and 26, the encampment of israel must have stretched out for several milesit was a nation now consisting of twoandonehalf million people. Acts 26 niv bible then agrippa said to paul, you have. The first generation participated in the exodus from egypt. The second census, in chapter 26, names the generation that will be poised on the edge of canaan when the book reaches its end.

Acts of the apostles verse by verse ministry international. And finding a ship sailing over unto phenicia, we went aboard, and set forth. Paul answers for himself before agrippa, to whom he pays a true compliment, in order to secure a favorable hearing, acts 26. Theyve been in this same spot for about a year and now theyre getting ready to start out on their journey to this land flowing with milk and honey that god keeps talking about. Acts chapter 22 coffmans commentary of the new testament. Partner with the blb disclaimer multiverse retrieval. The census in the first chapter furnishes a yardstick by which a total figure can be estimated. It includes the sevenvolume seventhday adventist bible commentary, the twovolume seventhday adventist encyclopedia, as well as the single volumes seventhday adventist bible dictionary, seventh. Most can be obtained from a good religious bookstore. The seventhday adventist commentary reference series is a set of volumes produced primarily by seventhday adventist scholars, and designed for both scholarly and church member use. Matthew henry 18 october 1662 22 june 1714 was an english commentator on the bible, who published his works in 1706, sixvolume exposition of the old and new testaments 17081710 or complete commentary, provides an exhaustive verse by verse study of the bible, covering the whole of the old testament, and the gospels and acts in the new testament. Numbers with book summary versebyverse bible commentary.

The armies of israel now begin to emerge out of the wilderness, and to come into a land inhabited, to enter upon action, and take possession of the frontiers of the land of promise. The disciples in jerusalem continued to increase quickly in number. Then paul stretched out his hand and made his defense. Perhaps before the war with midian, exhorted to in the latter part of the foregoing chapter.

The first part of the book of numbers describes the lives of the numbering of the people at sinai and the preparations that. It is only because he sought to bring the gospel of jesus christ to the gentiles that the jews. Moses was the human author of numbers, based on scriptures that include john 3. Commentary on the book of acts by frank binford hole. Numbers 16 numbers 17 numbers 18 numbers 19 numbers 20 numbers 21 numbers 22 numbers 23 numbers 24 numbers 25 numbers 26 numbers 27 numbers 28 numbers 29 numbers 30. Numbers 21 commentary matthew henry commentary on the whole.

Chapter 21 starts the third part of the book of numbers. Preparation to finally enter canaan numbers 2636 second numbering of the people. Verse 3 i am a jew, born in tarsus of cilicia, but brought up in this city, at the feet of gamaliel, instructed according to the strict manner of the law of our fathers, being zealous for god, even as ye all are this day. If the israelites did not destroy those nations completely, these wicked acts would continue. And when king arad the canaanite, which dwelt in the south, heard tell that israel came by the way of the spies. Acts free bible commentary on the book of acts in easy english. Acts 1 new international version niv jesus taken up into heaven. Then paul took the men, and the next day purifying himself with them, entered into the temple. Acts 26 commentary commentary critical and explanatory. This book is called numbers because there are many lists of numbers in it. The events in this part happened when the israelites were preparing to enter the promised land. Numbers 21 new international version niv arad destroyed. Yahweh will soon command joshua to commission joshua as his successor 27.

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