Quiz about the book of acts kingdoms

Bible study lessons about the history of the church, the kingdom, worship, conversion, work of the holy spirit. Lift up your heads, o gates, and be lifted up, o ancient doors, that the king of glory may come in. Acts 114 quiz questions learn style flashcards quizlet. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The acts of the apostles details the expansion of christianity across the then known world. The book of acts quiz 25 questions fun trivia quizzes. Tap the title above, next to the arrow, to go to that next quiz. This is a quiz covering acts of the apostles, chapters 112, and new testament introductory material. Give the quiz a try and test your understanding of this book of the bible. Acts facts quiz 2 next we have another quiz, with maps to help, about places in acts and what happened there.

According to acts chapter one, the gospel according to st. The bible the acts of the apostles, with the roman empire. Find out more in this interesting bible quiz from education quizzes. Free interactive bible quizzes with answers and high score tables. Acts of the apostles bible trivia 145 bible quizzes and. The jews were looking for a kingdom because of ot prophecy. Identifying the descriptions of kingdoms and domains, and ordering scientific classification.

How conversant are you with this book and what it entails. He proclaimed the kingdom of god and taught about the lord jesus christwith all boldness and without hindrance. If you have been learning or studying these sacred texts, then you must have gained enough knowledge to answer any question asked. Bible study quiz questions set 1 acts facts book of acts.

Test your knowledge of the bible with these free automatically scored quizzes, some with. What did each language group hear the apostles speak about acts 2. This quiz is part of a series looking at the books of the new testament. Well, if thats the case, then you should answer the following questions in this quiz.

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