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Having had major knee surgery a few years back and with very limited space in my apartment, getting into any significant exercise routine has been a real challenge. Ancient secret of the fountain of youth by peter kelder. Tibet and whether or not the 5 rites are really tibetan. Peter kelders book begins with an account of his own introduction to the rites by way of colonel bradford, a mysterious retired british army officer who learned of the rites while journeying high up in the himalayas. Age may well be a state of mind, but if you can give yourself a leg up, why wouldnt you. Benefits of 5 rites of rejuvenation tibetan yoga fab. I attended a workshop to learn the 5 tibetan rites and the teacher rushed through the rites without giving consideration to technique or to performing the rites safely. The five tibetans why you should do backbends youtube. Now everyone who chooses to can come to understand how these five tibetan rites work and use them in their own life. Best of all provided people stick with the program as described in the t5t books, dvd and. Sound healing crystal therapy five tibetan rites reflexology offering online workshops. Its amazing what this simple yet effective practice has done for my mornings as not only is it easy to do but surprisingly gives me a lift of energy. The rites are said to be a form of tibetan yoga similar to the yoga series that originated in india.

Tibetan 4 is like an upward table, and tibetan 5 is a smooth flow of up dog and down dog. Judge for yourself whether it can change your life, as it has done for me and so many others. There, generations of tibetan monks have passed down a series of exercises with mystical, agereversing properties. The five tibetan rites are exactly what the ancient tibetans developed over many centuries of time. Been doing these exercises for years, they keep the back and spine in great shape. The rites consist of exercises that benefit the body, mind, and emotions. I must have at least two dozen workouttaichichikung videos in my collection, and the five tibetan rites is the only one ive ever been able to work with consistently. They are known as the five tibetan rites, a handful of simple exercises that can be performed in less than ten minutes. Free t5t five tibetan rites posters carolinda witt.

The 5 tibetan rites, also known as the fountain of youth, are a series of five sometimes six exercises meant to be repeated 21 times. Increased energy and feelings of calmness, mental clarity, greater spinal flexibility, better sleep, weight loss. Tibetan yoga technique testimonials here are some letters written to me by those who have practised the rejuvenating tibetan yoga technique. The five tibetan rites is a yoga routine based on a ritual of exercises discovered in the early 1900s, by a british army colonel, colonel bradford, who was living in a himalayan monastery. The five tibetan rites is a system of exercises reported to be more than 2,500 years old which were first publicized by peter kelder in a 1939 publication titled the eye of revelation. Five tibetan rites book to suit the modern lifestyle.

Not giving up hope, i searched the web for books or dvds on the rites. Ive continued the habit for a year and have some interesting observations. Powerful mind body healing adds 10 years to life span. In his book, the eye of revelation, later released as the ancient secret of the fountain of youth, he states. I dont know much about this product but what i do know is that heidi has been doing the five tibetan rites regularly and her energy levels are continuing to increase, her muscles have definition they never had before, she has lost 20lbs 9kg effortlessly, she has greater.

Now you too can practice the exercises used by tibetan monks to remain ageless. The five tibetan rites are also referred to as the five rites, the five tibetans, the five rites of rejuvenation and most recently t5t. The rugged mountainous conditions these monks live in may well account for their particular emphasis on vigor. The five tibetans have similarities to some traditional yoga practices. These booklets are copies of the original book that introduced the rites to the west during the late 1930s. Tibetan yoga technique testimonials young again forever. Known as the tibetan rites of rejuvenation or the five rites, these oncesecret exercises are now available to westerners in ancient secret of the fountain of youth. Best of all, they only take 15 minutes out of your day. Rites 4 and 5 specifically call for muscle tensing while rites 2 and 3 imply muscle tensing. The five ancient tibetan rites are able to normalize hormonal imbalances present in the body, thereby holding the key to lasting youth, health, and vitality. How old the rites are and where they originated is up for debate. The sixth rite is beyond the scope of this article. New information may shed light on how the five tibetan. Regardless of age or circumstances, the 5 tibetans is a book for you, for your body, for your spirit, and for your heart.

A year ago i was introduced to a yoga practice reported to be over 2,500 years old, called the five tibetan rites. This is an exercise program used by tibetan monks to live long, vibrant and healthy lives. The five tibetan rites or the fountain of youth exercises as they are often referred to, is a yoga sequence considered to be over 2,500 years old. Five tibetan rites books to suit the modern lifestyle. My journey with the five tibetan rites blissful yogini. Each exercise stimulates a particular chakra or hormonal system and revitalizes certain organs, so that the five rites together form a complete workout for the body as a whole. The five tibetan rites are an exercise program thats been practiced for more than 2,500 years.

So we begin with his synopsis of this 43page ebook. The tibetan monks claim that these exercises activate and stimulate the seven energy vortices or key chakras, which in turn stimulate all the glands of the endocrine system. Judit duran judit duran is a yoga teacher, sound healing. The five tibetan rites combine 1 range of motion exercises along with 2 isometric exercises and 3 a gentle compression massage of internal organs followed by a 4 skin tightening cool shower, all of which provide full body capillary pumping which could possibly 5 carry healing energy throughout the body. Five rites include relaxation pauses for rites 2 through 5, that is clear. Many of the yoga exercises and practices being taught in the western world today are very new. At the official five website, weve slowly tracked down and pieced together all four parts of the ancient fountain of youth 1939 book by peter kelder. Home about me sound healing crystal therapy the five tibetan rites reflexology events writings testimonials book a session welcome. In 1939, a man called peter kelder wrote a book called the eye of revelation, a little health treatise that revealed to the world for the first time five previously secret tibetan rejuvenation rites. They are thought to increase mobility and flexibility and help the body stay nimble as we age. I would like to make it clearly understood that these are not physical culture exercises at all. These exercises also tone and strengthen the major muscle groups, contributing to a strong, resilient physique. The five tibetans stimulate full energy flow through the chakras and enliven corresponding nerves, organs, and glands. The five tibetans, an upcloseandpersonal look at five core tibetan yoga traditions, is an ideal text for both the novice and advanced yoga student alike.

Five dynamic exercises for health, energy, and personal power 2nd edition, new by christopher s. Ill refer you to the original text on the tibetan rites or the book tibetan secrets by mary solomon. In 1939 peter kelder published his book the eye of revelation about the discovery of the monks who developed the five tibetan rites. After viewing a few videos and reading a short book, i adopted the practice every morning, whether at home or in a hotel room. Once you are familiar with the exercises, practice of the five tibetans will take about 10 minutes daily. Thurman is open minded to it, but hasnt seen anything like it in his studies. The 5 tibetan rites general discussion the dao bums. The 5 tibetan rites or 5 rites of rejuvenation where apparently developed by some tibetan monks way back. Kilham the medicine hunter the book offers a detailed yet congenial account of what are commonly known as the five rites, or the five rites of rejuvenation. Testimonials five tibetan rites slow aging increase. I really loved learning about the five tibetan rites and found that its a great practice to do at home or quite frankly anywhere. There are lots of inspiring testimonials from older folks about the 5 rites and even a section by robert thurman re. She refers to the original text about the sixth rite.

In this book he also revealed the healthgiving diet secrets of the monks which is fairly similar to what we call food combining today. The mystery of rite 2 whenever i perform the rites however fecklessly, i am almost always focused on the whys and hows of their workings. Stay young forever with the five tibetan rites tweet. Youll get a lot of benefit from practicing the first five rites, building up to 21 repetitionsday. Here are some letters written to me by those who have practised the rejuvenating tibetan yoga technique. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Tibetan rites results and testimonials savage fitness.

So, would you like to discover the secret of the five rituals. Sound healing with tibetan singing bowls judit duran. In addition to writing a biography about her grandfather walter dicketts aka double agent celery carolinda is the bestselling author of the following books on an ancient antiageingwellness routine known as the five tibetan rites of rejuvenation or t5t as she calls it. Well, peter kelder believes they have and he was provided with the knowledge of this special technique. The ancient tibetan practice for health and vitality. The five tibetan rites slow ageing increase energy improve breathing strengthen lower back core muscles. I was disappointed as i learnt nothing and therefore wasted my money. He has shared this information with the world in his book entitled the ancient secret of the fountain of youth. They were then brought to the west in 1939 through a book called the eye of revelation by peter kelder, who said he learned them from a retired british army colonel who had lived and studied with tibetan monks.

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