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Technique, not power, is important to shot putters in allowing them to throw the shot put as far as they can. Shot put officiating rules district school board of niagara. Grip, position on the neck and proper release are all important. Shot put is played with a heavy spherical object popularly known as shot. In the sequence of movement, once the lower body is fully extended and turned to the front, execute a release, while the left foot is firmly planted on the ground. Coachup nation other sports glide and spin technique for shot put glide and spin technique for shot put. To throw a shot put, first face the side of the ring so youre at a 90 angle from the target. Shot put learn by doing basic technique for the shot put by. You have to teach the block, the arm strike and how to get into the power position. Shot put is one of those few track and field events that is present since the. In the shot put spin the ring is one foot shorter than the discus 8 ft diameter so the thrower must spin tighter by driving their knee more up than across when moving across the circle. The shot put is one of track and fields four basic throwing events. Shot put and discus duties arkansas activities association. This method requires the same grip as the glide throw, but sliders tend to hold the shot back, closer to their ear rather than their neck.

Two putting styles are in current general use by shot put competitors. If a shot putters position or form is off then the entire throw is ruined. Although you need strength to throw a shot put, technique and form are much more important than muscle definition. A metal ball of 4 kg was used for shot put attempts, and subjects were instructed to perform each shot put according to the static shot put technique. If shot put is what you want to be good at, youll have to work at it, and heres how you do that. The put of the iron shot, coming to us from the boredom of british gunboats more than 100 years ago, underwent a new variation in the last decades. Then, step back with your lessdominant foot, and lower your body by bending your hips and knees. How to improve your technique and get better at shot put. Experienced shot putters throw with their whole body, utilizing the muscles in their legs and torso as well as their arms and shoulders. The initial positioning in this type of starting method is similar to that of discus throw. To analyse the shot put technique of two olympic level female heptathletes.

Pdf comparative biomechanical analysis of the rotational. As for previous drill, but step wind up with bent knees, unwind and throw. The debate between the effectiveness of the glide technique in shot put, versus the spin or rotational technique, is an ageold one. In this tutorial, we will discuss the basic techniques and playing methods of shot put.

To use legs for acceleration and learn the correct arm strike. Arrhenius brigham young university provo follow this and additional works at. Ground forces impact on release of rotational shot put technique niklas b. In fact, the unusually heavy ball called a shot requires specific throwing techniques to avoid injury. The session will not result in textbook technique but will produce happy young learners who at least possess the minimum skills required to participate with some competence in the event. Stepbystep teaching progressions can be used to lead the beginning thrower through the various aspects of shotput technique, from how to hold the shot to. I would like to suggest a couple of drills that can be used to teach the various aspects of the glide technique. Shot put by benedict yeo no human resembles a cannon more than a shot putter. Mens shot put is present since the inception of 1896s modern olympics. This encourages the athletes to rotate their torso around to the front during the put. Whether athletic game or shot put, there are some simple rules that will improve your performance, concentration and number of target kills and it is imperative to learn all these things to be first on track. The rotational shot put does have similarities to the discus throw, but if you try and throw the shot with the same technique as the discus it will no be as effective.

Do not throw the shot push it figure 2 put weight onto back leg with hand not holding shot pointing to where it will be gong. Ideal to print and laminate for students on a lanyard to self and peer assess their technique of the shot put. Shot put technique how to throw a shot put youtube see more. In the standard technique the heel of the extension leg foot is aligned with left sector line for standard alignment. Analysis of shot put throw nikala westbrook kin 417.

Shot put is often included in high school and college track and field events as well as amateur and professional competitions and. For the approach, you can choose between two basic methods for throwing the shot put, spin or glide. Shot puttechnique, drill, training collection by ken tietz. Shot put is an athletics sport where people try to put a heavy weighted ball as far as they can. The first event was shot put, and if you dont already know, ashton and brianna follow the very unconventional technique usually called the shuffle. Power postion mechanics and left leg left arm stop drill duration. The shot put is a track and field event involving putting pushing rather than throwing a heavy spherical ballthe shotas far as possible. In shot put, a track and field event that involves throwing a metal ball known as a shot, participants compete to achieve the longest throw distance. Shot put techniques and its tactics powerpoint presentation. A biomechanical comparison of the rotational shot put technique used by males and females order no. Does shot put follow a throwlike or pushlike movement pattern.

Technique, not power lets shot putters throw the distance. The shot is held at the base of the fingers, not the palm. A temporal analysis was first made, dividing the throwing action into six phases. Purest scoff at this technique, but im not convinced it doesnt have its place, especially with multieventers.

Shot put officiating rules competitors take their throw from inside a marked circle 2. M i c h a e l s t e e l e g e t t y i m a g e s s p o r t article. This technique was born by a play instinct of creative hammer and discus throwers. The fingers are slightly spread apart with the thumb for support. Techniqq, g g,ue, teaching progressions, and drills mike. Shot put shuffle technique ashton eaton video sprint 42.

I particularly want to highlight the technical improvements in the throwing pattern and describe how this was achieved by making changes in technique, strength. Shot put technique checklist cards teaching resources. Shot put performance was greater after bench press condition when compared with control condition 8. Both athletes in this case study are using the glide technique.

Shot put 3 shot put is a sport where an athlete needs to exercise his throwing power with a heavy object. Guidelines best practices for disability track and. Two judges indicate with a white flag that a throw is good or with a red flag that the throw is a foul check the basic rules. Grip and neck position for the shot put track and field. If youre a track athlete, im sure you have your dreams of making it big, maybe even at the olympics level. The fingers are slightly spread and placed behind the shot. The most important part of a throw is that shot putters are able to get their legs into it. This learnbydoing shot put manual is very insightful. How to teach shot put to young athletes coaching young. Encourage athletes to start with basic standing technique hold shot at the base of fingers.

When this movement is achieved, the thrower should be ready to attempt a full throw with an implement. The technique of the throw in is basically determined by the rules, but there is some room to achieve a more successful throw in, especially over a long distance. Rotational shot put or discus nebraska coaches association. Technique, teaching progressions, and drills q, gg. Shot put techniques glide and spin technique rules and regulations of shot put the metal ball which is to be thrown in this game is known as shot. It is important that all shot putters and coaches keep these factors in their. The aim is to throw the shotput as far as possible through a pushing action. Shot put simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It requires immense muscular strength and a good balance upon your body. They are not allowed to throw it, but instead they push the ball out into the air.

Is a rotational shot put technique more beneficial than a gliding technique. See more ideas about shot put, track and field and drill. The shot put is a track and field event dating back to greek times. Though you will need to do a lot of hard work, theres no harm in dreaming big. We will first deal with execution in conformance with the rules. Starting from these phases, graphs of the tangential velocity of the throwers cg. Step forward, turn hip and shoulder against direction of throw. The distance thrown is measured from the inside of the circumference of the circle to the nearest mark made in the ground by the falling shot.

I have had success in asking athletes to pretend that the shot is attached to their. The shot put competition for men has been a part of the modern olympics since their revival in 1896, and womens competition began in 1948. Bartonietz rational sp technique biomechanic findings and. Pdf an analysis of the individual techniques of the shot put finalist. In addition, you will have to teach either the fundamentals of the rotational or glide technique. Comparative biomechanical analysis of the rotational shot put technique article pdf available in collegium antropologicum 321.

Lowering the elbow can cause the shot to be thrown like a baseball and could result in an injury. Press shot firmly against the neck and keep your elbow up. Have the athlete max out in various upper and lower body weights to determine their strength. This will give you an idea of the athletes explosive speed. The purpose of the rotational technique is not to make the ball go further the purpose of the rotational technique is to put the athletes body in the best position to create maximal velocity in double support goal should be to create the longest path possible in double support.

The aim of this study is to analyse these factors in order to determine how they influence a shot put performance. The 6 technical phases of the throws serie continues with this new video from didier poppe to show the different phases of the rotational shot put using excl. Also, instruct the athletes that they should feel the shot touching their neck right up until they begin the put. Pdf a biomechanical analysis of the shot put performance. A throw will be called a foul in the following circumstances the athlete does not pause before the throwing action within the circle.

Spin shot put drills nonthrowing stepout without a wind the thrower steps out with the right leg, tapping it on the ground at the 3 oclock position. Encourage athletes to start with basic standing technique. Ground forces impact on release of rotational shot put. In fact, soldiers in the middle ages competed by tossing cannonballs. Basic shot put technique shot put learnbydoing by mark harsha, portage high school girls head coach. Shot put and discus duties sector lines should always be 34. Guidelines best practices for disability track and field seated throws shot put provided by usoc. Mark harsha portage high school girls head coach goal one.

The putter starts in the back of the ring with his or her back to the throwing. The athlete is unable to commence the throw within 60 sec of calling his name. Women made their debut in shot put in the olympics of 1948. Step 2 front put stand with feet shoulderwidth apart. The put of the iron shot, coming to us from the boredom of british gunboats more. Holding the shot the shot is held at the base of the fingers not the palm the fingers are slightly spread apart with the thumb for support.

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