Amprobe dgc 1000a pdf

Add on troubleshooting capabilities with the acd40pq. Earth resistance testers ensure safe operation and reduce power quality problems with amprobe earth resistance testers. Users should wait for selfcalibration to be complete. Please obtain an rma number before returning product for repair. Amprobe acd41pq a power quality clamp meter with temperature the amprobe acd40 provides a simple and effective way to verify if the electrical system is affected by harmonics. Amprobe dgca clamp ground resistance tester used by electricians and electrical contractors the amprobe dcga clamp ground resistance tester, designed for use by electricians and. This clamp combines the two current clamps needed to perform the stakeless. Amprobe dgca clampon true rms ground resistance tester, measures up to 1500 ohms with data logging and lcd display. Onboard memory and data logging features to make your work more efficient.

A properly functioning grounding system is a critical safety feature of an electrical system. En 610102032 cat iii 300v, cat ii 600v pollution degree 2 definition of symbols. Amprobe dgca clampon ground resistance testers are simple and easy to use, no test leads or auxiliary electrodes are necessary. Amprobe dgca clampon ground resistance tester ground rod tester simple, userfriendly and a ccurate. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 247 customer service, free. The aemc 6416 ground resistance tester clampon is a convenient clampon ground resistance tester that, without the use of auxiliary rods, can measure ground rod and grid resistance and impedance. Use the onboard memory and data logging features to make your work more efficient. The tester has data logging capabilities for 116 records as well as. Dgc ground resistance tester manual dgca ground resistance tester manual dlc100 leakage current clamp manual dm1 power quality. The behaamprobe kmp7010 earth ground resistance tester measures the resistance of the earth connection. A digital clamp multimeter, the acdc100 can test ac and dc current up to a. At power up, the clampon ground resistance tester will do the selfcalibration for better accuracy. All amprobe tools, including the amprobe dgca, are rigorously tested for safety, accuracy, reliability, and ruggedness in our stateoftheart test lab.

The dgca clamp meter is a clamp with two current clamps in practical terms, which are installed within a housing. Analog megohmmeter 500v online from elcodis, view and download amb2 pdf datasheet, multimeters specialty specifications. We take purchase orders and can provide special school, government and corporate pricing. Userfriendly and accurate, the dgca helps you work safetly without test leads or auxiliary electrodes. Amprobe amp330 a acdc trms motor maintenance clamp meter datasheet. Think safety and amprobes dgca ground resistance tester second. Download the amprobe catalog edwin bohr electronics. Amprobe dgca pdf ground resistance tester for measuring ground resistance, current, and continuity in multigrounded systems.

The behaamprobe dgca is extremely simple in use just place the earthing wire rod in clamps and switch the meter on. The device features multiple measuring ranges and a clear lcd screen. The unit is easy to use and features large easyread display. Amprobe, platt electric supplyamprobe platt electric supply.

Amprobe instruments dgca existencias y disponibilidad newark mexico. The behaamprobe dgca earth resistance clamp meter is a ground resistance tester that measures ground resistance, current, and continuity in multigrounded electrical systems. Trms current measurement including leakage current test. The amprobe acd40 provides a simple and effective way to verify if the electrical system is affected by harmonics. Pricelist valid from uly in europe, prices are without ta prices are subect to change chec with local distributor for availabity for your country eha. Shop for amprobe, platt electric supplyamprobe from platt electric supply.

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